Five Best Campus Locations for a Summer Picnic

In a state like Michigan, it’s important to enjoy the beautiful summer weather while it’s here because it has been known to change drastically from one day to the next. Picnics give you the opportunity to combine two of the best things: sunshine and food.

MSU’s campus is very large, so you know there are some excellent picnic spots just waiting to be found. We’ve collected five of the best picnic locations for you so that you can lay in the grass, eat great food and spend some time outdoors.

  1. Adams Field: If you want a traditional picnic experience, Adams Field is the place to go. There are plenty of trees for shade, and you can lay out on the grass and admire the architecture of the West Circle dorms.Adams_Field_small
  2. Old Horticulture Garden: Located behind the Student Services Building and next to Benefactors Plaza, the Old Horticulture Garden has always been a favorite of students looking for a quiet place to study outdoors. The ambient noise from the fountain, beautiful flowers and benches make this an excellent location for a summer picnic.Old_Horticulture_Garden_small
  3. Beal Botanical Garden: This garden gives you the best of both worlds. There is plenty of space to lay out on the grass, but if that isn’t your thing, there are also benches placed throughout the garden where you can sit to enjoy your meal. When you are done with your picnic, you can stop into the MSU library which is located right next to the Botanical Gardens.Beal-Gardens-Wheelbarrow_small
  4. Next to the River: We couldn’t pick just one spot next to the river because there are just so many good ones. Take a stroll down the river trail and stop whenever you get hungry! Wherever you end up, it’ll be a great place for a picnic.Red_Cedar_Tents_Sunset_small
  5. Horticulture Gardens: The Horticulture Gardens are another great spot on campus to picnic because you have the opportunity to learn about plants while enjoying the fresh air! After your picnic, you can stroll through the many gardens to look at the displays and get ideas for your own outdoor space.childrens_4H_small

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