Thank You MSU Recycling!

At MSU, it’s more than simply showing your school spirit by wearing green and white – it’s about being Spartan Green. Maintaining environmentally, socially and economically sustainable solid waste management solutions to help keep our campus and natural world beautiful is exactly what MSU Recycling stands for. The organization began in 1988, when MSU’s students petitioned the Board of Trustees to focus on recycling and received a grant from the state to create an office paper recycling program. From there began the Office of Recycling and Waste Reduction, which is now known as MSU Recycling. Throughout the years, MSU Recycling’s services have expanded, and have integrated the Surplus Store, Storage and Waste Management into one unit.

Recycling Sparty Student Employees.jpg
Photo courtesy of Communications and Brand Strategy


MSU Recycling has partnered with the MSU’s Office of Campus Sustainability to form “a holistic waste reduction and sustainability team.” The team has worked to encourage student, faculty and staff participation in sustainability and waste reduction efforts on campus with their Be Spartan Green program.

MSU Recycling offers many services that are not only there to help you, but to help our environment. Besides interior, exterior and event recycling, compost, confidential shredding and office clean out services are also offered. Volunteer opportunities are also available if you wish to lend a hand in increasing recycling and reducing waste.

Thank you, MSU Recycling for keeping our campus beautiful and engaging the community in your efforts!

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