Job of the Week 5/26/16

This week we are highlighting a Medical Laboratory Technician (posting #3396) with the College of Veterinary Medicine. The successful candidate will assist with sorting and opening specimen packages, register submissions in a laboratory information system, and place appropriate test orders; facilitate distribution of exceptions as identified; accurately identify specimen type and condition and record information appropriately; answer incoming telephone calls, contact clients and/or laboratory sections to resolve issues; facilitate processing of complicated submissions including data entry and spreadsheet manipulation and maintenance; process compromised and/or special handling specimens; assist with the maintenance of the laboratory environment (cleanliness, non-biohazard and biohazard trash disposal, scanning, filing, copying, monitor supply inventory, perform daily temperature and calibration checks on equipment, etc.); perform equipment preventative maintenance and minor repairs as needed to ensure reliable results; process and split specimens for laboratories, identify and correct test ordering errors, and evaluate data entry information for discrepancies in order to ensure proper reporting; participate in department activities/meetings; and other tasks as needed and assigned.

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Hunt for the Hidden Treasures of MSU

MSU is known for its agricultural roots and beautiful green campus, but how many of its places are left unexplored? We’ve scoured for the most stunning areas you may never know about and compiled a list below. Worth a stop even if you only visit once, these locations are exemplary of Michigan State and its commitment to keeping our environment beautiful and alive.

Baker Woodlot: The Baker Woodlot is the 78-acre forest you might never have heard of. Take a stroll on the trails through the lot to soak up some nature and a moment of serenity. Find entrances off of Farm Lane and by the Clinical Center.

Graffiti (Not pictured): Get a taste of the underground by checking out the graffiti under the many bridges at MSU. Graffiti is considered art by some and an eyesore by the rest. Choose for yourself by visiting graffiti-heavy bridges such as on Bogue Street or Farm Lane (Near The Rock) and viewing their marked-up the undersides.

Horticulture and Demonstration Gardens: The Horticulture and Demonstration Gardens comprise a number of gardens, including the 4-H Children’s Garden, the Vegetables and Insect Pollinators Garden, the Judith A. DeLapa Perennial Garden, and more. Each garden is distinct, with different plants, decorations and large structures, so visitors will find something new and delightful around every corner.

Sanford Natural Area (Not pictured): Just off the beaten path north of East Neighborhood is the Sanford Natural Area. Enter the fenced-in area through openings near Hagadorn Road or past the Bogue Street Bridge to walk among lush green trees and take in the sounds of nature, including chirping birds and flowing Red Cedar River.

Radiology Healing Gardens: On the eastern side of the Radiology Building is a gorgeous babbling waterfall fountain, pond and collection of plants and flowers. This is a tucked-away space for reflection and serenity that every Spartan should visit at least once.

Lewis Landscape Arboretum: The Lewis Landscape Arboretum is home to small sculpted courtyards, wide swaths of grass and shape-forming stones.  Just south of the train tracks west of Bogue Street, this little-known area is designed as an instructional arboretum for students interested in landscape development. Sit on the benches to soak in sunlight or pose next to the inset stone Spartan helmet.


Job of the Week 5/20/16

This week we are highlighting a Stockhandler I (posting #3368) with Brody Complex Residential & Hospitality Services. The successful candidate will assist in the receipt, issuance, storage and inventory of food items, supplies, equipment and merchandise. Other responsibilities will include reconciling deliveries with delivery tickets, verifying acceptability of product, maintaining inventory levels, coordinating the FIFO/rotating stock system; also included will be sweeping, mopping and sanitizing the storeroom, walk-in refrigerators and related areas in dining services. The Stockhandler I will work within a diverse work force in an ever-changing environment.

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It’s Almost Time for Summer (Camps)!

With the school year coming to a close, K-12 students are dreaming of what they’ll get to do this summer. Luckily for them, MSU offers just about every variety of summer camp under the moon for them to participate in! Check out Spartan Youth for student opportunities this summer: everything from Filmmaking to Ice Skating, Poetry Writing to Video Game Design, Rock Camp to Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing and many more exciting programs will be held at MSU! A host of language-learning camps, such as German, Hebrew, and Japanese are also being offered, no experience necessary!

A team of boys speak with their basketball coach before heading back into the game.
Kids participate in games and drills on the last day of the 2015 Tom Izzo basketball day camp on Wednesday June 24, 2015.

If your student is an athlete, be sure to take a look at Sports Camps at MSU to keep them moving through the summer! There are individual sign ups or whole teams can go together, and there are opportunities for younger players as well as varsity athletes.

Remember that not all camps are residential, so some will require your student to be picked up and dropped off each day. Many sign ups are already open, so make sure you secure a spot before MSU’s exciting camps fill up!

Explore fitness options at MSU this summer

Swimmer underwaterSummer is a great time to try out new forms of exercise. In addition to the variety of running trails crisscrossing campus, outdoor facilities such as the basketball courts, tennis courts, and the IM West outdoor swimming pool are open. Plus, with most students gone for the summer, more exercise machines and courts will be open for use in the indoor facilities. Check out some of the fitness options you can take advantage of this summer.

General use of facilities

Open Recreation

Faculty and staff only need to show a valid MSU ID for open recreation. It is available during posted building hours.

IM Sports West offers open recreation spaces for basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, squash, racquetball, handball, and wallyball. IM Sports East offers open recreation spaces for basketball, volleyball, badminton, squash, racquetball, handball and walleyball. IM Sports Circle offers spaces for basketball and volleyball. Equipment is available to rent.Continue Reading… Explore fitness options at MSU this summer

Job of the Week 5/13/16

This week we are highlighting an Engineer/Architect III/S (posting #3307) with IPF Commissioning Services. The successful candidate will plan, supervise, schedule and coordinate the work of the Central Control Department, reporting to the Manager of Building Performance Services (BPS) at MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities. Aid in the development/implementation of the campus-wide Ongoing Commissioning program, focusing on automated fault detection and diagnostics (AFDD) technologies. Develop action plans for continuous improvement in the areas of stewardship, customer experience, employee development and innovation through external collaboration. Support the BPS Manager in campus-wide control system master planning including energy efficiency measures, system network upgrades and planning, preventative / predictive maintenance practices, operations and maintenance enhancements.
Support the efforts and enforcement of energy conservation and promote its importance through the annual calculation/monitoring of campus-wide energy consumption, providing support on energy calculations for proposed energy projects and compare consumption results to industry benchmarks (such as that conforming to the US Department of Energy, Better Building Alliance).

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Build a positive relationship with food in How To Eat course

According to one research from UCLA,, people on diets typically lose 5 to 10 percent of their starting weight in the first six months, but at least one-third to two-thirds of people on diets regain more weight than they lost within four or five years.
According to a study from UCLA, people on diets typically lose 5 to 10 percent of their starting weight in the first six months, but at least one-third to two-thirds of people on diets regain more weight than they lost within four or five years.

It’s displayed on magazine covers, in radio and television advertisements, and sold in countless books and programs: advice on how to diet, slim down and restrict what you eat. Nearly everyone has tried to diet before, and it’s safe to say the experience is often unsuccessful and unsatisfying.

Health4U offers a free class series called How To Eat that focuses on building a positive, healthy relationship with food. “Everybody has the ability to eat the right type and amount of food by paying attention, to notice their bodies’ need for food,” said Peggy Crum, MA, RD, nutritionist and the course instructor.

This course has been offered for the past nine years, with great success. MSU employees who are interested in How To Eat are encouraged to attend the orientation session on Thursday, May 19, with no obligation to enroll in the course. Crum said some of the best participants for the course are those who have tried dieting, experienced frustration, and want to get off the dieting cycle.

“What we’re really talking about here is eating well and finding your best health, not losing weight,” Crum said.  “While I’m not against weight loss, I am against weight loss as the primary goal.” Intentional weight loss requires restricting food by counting and following rules. Eventually, the dieter is no longer able to tolerate under-eating. Eating often becomes chaotic and feels out of control. The goal for participants in this course is to re-discover internal regulation of food and to achieve competent eating.

MSU employees who are interested in How To Eat but are unable to attend classes can schedule time to see Peggy Crum in one-on-one sessions. Contact Health4U to make an appointment.

Please contact Health4U at or 517-3532596 if you plan to attend the May 19 orientation. The 6 week course occurs 12:10–12:50 p.m. Thursdays from May 26 to June 30 in 338 Olin Health Center.

Commuting through Construction

Flowers aren’t the only thing starting to pop-up this spring. More construction cones have started to appear as the spring semester ends and summer approaches. By keeping informed and planning ahead, you can make this construction season easier to manage.

Construction of the FRIB project on Thursday May 16, 2013.
Keep up-to-date on construction on MSU and around East Lansing.


Limited closures will continue on Bennett and Forest Roads and Pavilion Drive through June as part of the T.B. Simon Power Plant Upgrade Utility Substation.

Starting this Friday, May 13, through Sunday, May 15, several roads will be repaved on campus. These include Shaw Lane between Chestnut Road and Red Cedar Road and Kalamazoo Street from Harrison Road to Birch Road. For a full list, visit MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) Construction Junction.

Commuters can expect a closure on Abbot Road from May 23 – June 10, daily between 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. but open on the weekends. This construction is part of the landscape rejuvenation project to bring sites up-to-speed with the campus landscape design.

Beginning May 23, the parking lot construction rotation will occur through July 22. Portions of the scheduled lots will be shut down, keeping the remainder of the lot open for parking. To see the lots on this summer’s rotation, visit Construction Junction.

Around East Lansing
Watch for the Bogue Street construction to start tomorrow, May 11. The street from Grand River Avenue to Shaw Lane will be completely closed to traffic, with a posted detour through June 12. At that time, construction will move to Abbot Road, between Burcham Drive and Saginaw Street, through August 14. Abbot will still be open to traffic during construction, except for a one-week closure with dates still to be announced.

North Harrison Road, between Saginaw Street and Lake Lansing Road, will be closed beginning June 13 through August 19 as part of a major street project. A detour will be posted for traffic.

A good rule of thumb – if you’re not sure whether there’s construction, search ahead and keep up-to-date. Drive safe and stress free.

Another useful link:

MSU Interactive Detour Map

Job of the Week 5/6/16

This week we are highlighting a Project/Event Coordinator (posting #3274) with the African Studies Center. The Project/Event Coordinator will assist in the planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of events related to the Alliance for African Partnership and the African Studies Center that will be held on campus as well as in various locations on the African continent. The Alliance for African Partnership is a new initiative designed to promote innovative collaboration between MSU and African partner institutions. The position will be responsible for maintaining records of projects, events, including tracking or organizing data related to African partners; plan and process travel; assist with monitoring contract and agreements to ensure provisions are met; coordinate and assist with evaluation of project and event activities; and oversee the preparation of event related publications. This position will involve occasional travel to Africa.

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