Job of the Week 10/31/14

This week we are highlighting an Information Technologist I (Posting #0376) in the College of Veterinary Medicine. This position will serve as Picture Archive and Communications Server (PACS) administrator who shall be accountable for overseeing the Radiology image management system (McKesson Horizon Medical Imaging), as well as supporting/associated systems; communicates with end users to determine their needs; will work with the CVM Keller Technology (KTC) Infrastructure team to determine networking and storage needs; coordinates and supports the interfaces between PACS and imaging devices; provides backup support for VetStar, the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) hospital information system.

For a complete description of this position, and to view all of our current postings, please go to and select Support Staff under the Fast Jobs Search.MSU Jobs Icon

MSU Community Called to Protect Personal and University Information as Part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month

While large corporations such as Home Depot, Target and JP Morgan grab the biggest headlines in terms of security issues, no organizations, including higher education institutions, are immune from threats.NCSAM-square

A simple click on an attachment or a web link by one person can lead to wide-spread consequences. Though many situations are preventable, more people need to be aware of simple precautions. October is National Cyber Security Awareness (NCSAM) month, and MSU is getting the word out about the role we all play in keeping the MSU’s digital assets and community protected.

“Emerging cyber threats require engagement from the entire community,” says MSU Chief Information Security Officer Rob McCurdy. “This month is a time to educate the MSU community on the importance of staying safe online.”

NCSAM is a coordinated national effort held in October focusing on the need for improved online safety and security. This year’s theme Our Shared Responsibility,” aims to remind everyone that the Internet and technology is a shared resource and securing it is our collective duty. All users of MSU’s Internet, MSUnet, should do their part in making it safer.

To protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in today’s highly networked environment, MSU is asking all of its Internet users to:

  • Understand their roles and responsibilities related to securing institutional data as posted at
  • Understand the organization’s information technology security policies, procedures, and practices; specifically those listed at
  • Gain knowledge of the various management, operational, and technical controls required and available to protect the IT resources for which they are responsible.
  • Stay informed and get involved by regularly visiting

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elevateU Contest

elevateU is an incredible electronic tool that allows MSU faculty and staff to further their professional development at no charge! Sound too good to be true? Well, it just got better! If you complete a courseElevate U Horiz CMYK green in elevateU by this Friday, October 31, you will be entered to win either a Spartan Gift Basket or a $50 gift card to the State Room.

Here’s how:

  • Access elevateU through the EBS portal,
  • Click on Employee Self Service (ESS) and then “Professional Development”
  • Click on elevateU, located under “Training Opportunities”
  • View course titles by topic area in the “Resource Catalog” or enter keywords in the “Search & Learn” bar
  • Launch a course, complete a course- YOU ARE ENTERED!

Click here for additional details.

Job of the Week 10/24/14

This week we are highlighting a Development Officer I (Posting #0325) in University Development. This position assists the Director of Development for the College of Music with the planning and implementing of a comprehensive fundraising program for the College of Music; directs the special and annual gift programs for the college; manages the volunteer relations as it relates to concert sponsorships and special gift fundraising activities; manages the annual fund campaigns including faculty/staff, patrons, and alumni constituents; manages coordination efforts for corporate/foundation/association efforts for outreach and engagement efforts for the college and two community music schools; oversees College of Music Alumni Board which meets 2-3 times annually; reports to the Director of Development for the College of Music; requires in-state travel and some out-of-state travel.

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Thank You MSU Bakers!

Gwen's Bagels raise money for the American Cancer Society.
Gwen’s Bagels raise money for the American Cancer Society.

This month, we would like to thank MSU Bakers for making delicious treats for the campus community to enjoy! MSU Bakers offers a wide array of fresh-baked goodies that are perfect for any occasion. Additionally, their philanthropic efforts are commendable. Every October, MSU Bakers sells “Gwen’s Bagels”, pink-hued, ribbon-shaped bagels featuring a smattering of dried cranberries, created in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For every Gwen’s Bagels purchase, MSU Bakers donates one dollar to the American Cancer Society.

Every Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., MSU Bakers  hosts a campus farm stand in front of “the rock”. The stand sells all types of sweet and savory baked goods, ranging from pepperoni pizza focaccia to miniature decorated cakes. Be sure to stop by soon as the stand will close on October 30. True to their charitable nature, for every loaf of bread sold, MSU Bakers donates one dollar to the MSU Student Food Bank.

Thank you MSU Bakers for baking delectable goodies and for giving back to the community while doing it!

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

We’ve all seen the emails and news stories and heard the horror stories from friends and co-workers, but are you doing enough to protect yourself online?

Protect your devices from attack, damage or unauthorized access.
Protect your devices from attack, damage or unauthorized access.
  • If you have a smartphone, it IS a computer and should be protected like one.  All users of smartphones should have unique passwords (not 1234), regularly run an anti-virus program, and enable anti-theft precautions.  Visit the AppStore,  Google Play or Windows Apps (depending on your platform) for options.
  • Keep your operating system updated.
  • NEVER share your passwords.  No legitimate company will ever ask for your password by email or phone.
  • Don’t open email attachments you were not expecting or from unknown sources.
  • Don’t click on advertisements in web pages.  If you are interested in something mentioned in an ad, go directly to the company website.
  • If you are prompted to update a program, be sure the update is legitimate.  Go to the vendor website or open the program on your computer to do the update.
  • Review statements for credit cards and any accounts you manage online and alert the provider of any anomalies.

For more information, visit 0r October’s tech blog article Our Shared Responsibility.

Fall Color Tour

Take a walk on MSU’s beautiful campus!

Are you interested in enjoying the beautiful fall foliage? Have you been searching for a way to integrate light exercise into your daily routine? If so, drink in the colors of the season and get your heart pumping by taking a walk on one of MSU’s numerous walking loops!

If you aren’t quite sure what route to take, check out the Campus Walking Loops interactive map. Developed through a partnership between MSU’s Health4U and Campus Planning and Administration, the map identifies various paths that snake through MSU’s campus. Additionally, the mileage of each path is labeled, allowing you to select your route based on your available free time.

Walking offers a wealth of benefits, and the gorgeous scenery you’ll spot along the way is a definite bonus. To hold yourself accountable, try organizing a group of interested colleagues or friends. Adding a walk to your schedule is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated, alert, and in love with the season!

Want to enjoy the fall colors on Wednesday? Consider attending the Rock Walk ‘n Roll! Details here:

Step-by-Step Benefits Open Enrollment Instructions

Remember to complete your Benefits Open Enrollment during the month of October.  Benefits-eligible employees will complete open enrollment using Employee Self-Service (ESS) in the Enterprise Business Systems (EBS). Here is the process for completing open enrollment:

  • Visit and select “EBS Login.”
  • Log in using your MSU NetID and password.
  • Select the ESS tab.
  • Select the Benefits link.
  • Select the Add or change MSU Benefits and Retirement Plans link.
  • Select the Open Enrollment link.
  • A disclaimer that explains the CDHP/HSA plans (regardless of CDHP/HSA eligibility) will appear. Please read, and then select OK to continue
  • If you have a spouse or OEI on your benefits, the Health Plan Affidavit will appear. Answer the questions, select Next, then Save.
  • Now you will see the Plan Selections screen. Select the first plan you would like to add, edit or remove, click Edit Plan.
  • Select your desired plan and level of coverage, then click Select Dependents.
  • Select the dependents you would like to cover on the plan. Then click Add Plan to Selection.
    • If you do not see one of your dependents, it is either because they are not eligible for the plan or they need to be added as a dependent in the new system. See our screenshot tutorial for how to add a dependent.
  • Once you have added, edited or removed all of your desired plans, select Review Enrollment.
  • Review your plan selections, then select Save.
  • You now have completed open enrollment!

For more information on Benefits Open Enrollment, please visit our website. You also may get enrollment assistance at our Benefits Site Labs.

Job of the Week 10/10/14

This week we are highlighting a Buyer (Posting #0241) in Purchasing. This position procures moderately complex commodities, equipment, materials or services in accordance with the university’s purchasing policies and procedures; duties of this position include: evaluates purchase requisitions for clarity of specifications; determines prospective suppliers for bid solicitations; requests competitive quotations; prepares analyses of supplier quotations; negotiates contracts; issues purchase orders; maintains appropriate procurement documentation for review and audit purposes; meets with suppliers regarding service expectations and performance; represents University Services at supplier and client events, both on- and off-campus; interacts with accounts payable staff to resolve invoice discrepancies and amend purchase orders.

For a complete description of this position, and to view all of our current postings, please go to and select Support Staff under the Fast Jobs Search.MSU Jobs Icon

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in women in the United States (after skin cancer). While breast cancer does occur in both men and women, it’s far more common in women. Public support for breast cancer awareness and research funding has improved the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Early detection, new treatments, and a better understanding of the disease have all contributed to higher breast cancer survival rates.pink_ribbon

As in all forms of cancer, the abnormal tissue that makes up breast cancer is the patient’s own cells that have multiplied uncontrollably. Those cells may also travel to locations in the body where they are not normally found. When that happens, the cancer is called metastatic. Breast cancer usually begins with the formation of a small, confined tumor (lump), or as calcium deposits (microcalcifications), and then spreads through channels within the breast to the lymph nodes or through the blood stream to other organs. The tumor can grow and expand to tissue around the breast, such as the skin or chest wall. Different types of breast cancer grow and spread at different rates, with some types taking years to spread beyond the breast and others growing and spreading quickly.

Fortunately, breast cancer is very treatable if detected early. Early detection, however, has become our most powerful weapon against breast cancer. Mammograms, clinical breast exams, and breast self-examination have all been enormously effective in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Talk to your physician about the best methods for you.

To read the entire PDF by Best Doctors, click  here.