Job of the Week 5/29/14

This week we are highlighting an Administrative Assistant I in International Studies and Programs (Posting #9556). This position will provide administrative support to the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation (GCFSI) of Michigan State University. This position establishes, monitors, maintains, and oversees student files and records, internal and external fund accounts, operations, and personnel. The position also explains policies, procedures, and offerings to students and other constituents/customers in order to advise them of potential solutions to problems and courses of action and organizes travel for GCFSI team members as well as partners and others related to the center, including liaising with Altour, completing and filling expense reports, helping to organize group travel, and other international and domestic travel activities of the GCFSI. Additional responsibilities include compiling records and submitting bills for GCFSI products and services, creating and maintaining computer databases for GCFSI, assisting  in developing and overseeing the operational and administrative functions of GCFSI, helping to schedule and arrange seminars, meetings, and conferences on- and off-campus, assisting in planning schedules for physical facilities, equipment, courses, and/or section services, and  overseeing and/or supervising designated student and/or regular support staff.

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What You Need to Know about Invasive Species!

Have you heard anything about invasive species that have come into Michigan? An invasive species can be described as an alien (or non-native) species whose introduction does, or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health, according to the National Invasive Species Council. From bugs to plants, invasive species are able to make their way into a community and run a muck. There are a few ways to identify these different types of species, which come in all shapes and sizes. MSU Extension offers helpful information and resources about these species on their website.

Beal Garden
Invasive plants can have a huge affect on your garden! Photo courtesy of Communication and Brand Strategy.

In some instances, planting a non-native invasive species can not only be harmful to your garden, but it can deeply affect any nearby plant life. Take these tips to ensure your garden or wetland and our greater community is safe. The Midwest has over 200 invasive species. MSU Extension offers a variety of resources if you’re dealing with these issues in your yard. They’ve been kind enough to classify each type of invasive species. Check out some of their classifications here.Continue Reading… What You Need to Know about Invasive Species!

Job of the Week 5/22/14

This week we are highlighting an Admissions Counselor (Posting #9515) in the Office of Admissions. The successful candidate will interview and counsel prospective international and domestic students and their parents in order to ascertain their qualifications and provide academic program and admissions program information. The employee will also review international and domestic applications for admissions in order to determine students’ eligibility for acceptance to the university, correspond with and visit secondary schools and community colleges in order to inform counselors and students about the university and to solicit their interest, determine eligibility and certify admission, design and implement recruitment plans for domestic and international students, and assist in planning and/or participate in scholarship programs and on- and off-campus recruitment programs in order to generate interest in the university, including community outreach activities.

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Stay Healthy This Year with Safe Food Handling Practices

With warm weather and sunny skies, a trip to the park for a picnic or an outdoor barbecue may be on your agenda. Safe food handling practices are important regardless of location, but they’re even more important when you’re handling food outdoors. Unsafe food handling practices can result in foodborne illness. To prepare you for upcoming food-related festivities, here are some safe food handling tips from the MSU Health e-Guide.

Proper food handling techniques will keep you safe and help you avoid becoming ill.
Proper food handling techniques will keep you safe and help you avoid becoming ill.
  1. Wash your hands and prepare a clean surface for cooking
    Wash your hands before and after touching food. Soapy water can clean your hands and cooking utensils. Make sure to keep cutting boards, knives, etc., clean. Also, make sure to wash fresh fruits and vegetables.

Continue Reading… Stay Healthy This Year with Safe Food Handling Practices

Staying Healthy Outside This Summer

Summer is creeping up on us! Whether you plan on participating in summer sports or have to work outdoors, it’s important to know precautions when dealing with the warm weather. Here are a couple tips to ensure your safe as you work and play in the upcoming heat.

Women walking on campus
Light exercising in the warm summer weather can be relaxing and good for your health. Photo courtesy of Communications and Brand Strategy.

Being hydrated is key! Make sure you have water when working out or spending an extended period of time outside. MSU’s Health E-Guide suggests that intense exercise be avoided during the hottest times in the day. Dehydration occurs when your body has lost too many fluids. Remember to keep water and sports drinks nearby. At temperatures above 90 degrees, the heat can become dangerous. The article also recommends you consider humidity levels when deciding activity levels for the day.Continue Reading… Staying Healthy Outside This Summer

Job of the Week 5/15/14

This week we are highlighting a Data Resource Analyst in Communications and Brand Strategy (Posting #9475). This position is responsible for gathering and analyzing data from web analytics, social media analytics, e-mail campaign analytics, paid advertising analytics, customer databases, market research initiatives, and other data sources in order to provide clarity and understanding about audiences, assess communications performance, and optimize communications to drive desired results. The position will work with leadership and communications managers to understand business objectives and to determine information needs, use a variety of analysis tools and techniques to translate data into meaningful information, and report and present findings that inform strategy and decision-making.MSU Jobs Icon

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Benefits of Taking The Spartan Experience

There are plenty of benefits to participating in The Spartan Experience program. The purpose of the program is to inspire a high-performance service mindset to Deliver Outstanding Spartan Experiences (DOSE) with pride in everything we do and to all we serve. Ultimately, we want the quality of our service to improve. We, as MSU staff, must act with the understanding that Spartan Experiences occur each and every day.

Spartys Cafe
Today is a great day to deliver an outstanding Spartan Experience!

So far, we’ve had around 800 people participate in The Spartan Experience from about 70 different MSU units. This is a great amount of people, but we know we can get even more involved! This is a free program, built for MSU staff by MSU staff. Become a part of this initiative that has been developed to make MSU a better place for faculty, staff, students, visitors and the many people that interact with our university. Attending The Spartan Experience benefits you and your unit as a whole.Continue Reading… Benefits of Taking The Spartan Experience

Pick up a Plant or Two at the 2014 Department of Horticulture Annual Plant Sale

It’s spring time, which means it’s time for flowers to bloom, plants to grow and trees to blossom. You can pick up a plant or two for decorations, a gift or more at the 2014 Department of Horticulture Annual Plant Sale.

People looking at plants.
All proceeds help maintain the MSU Horticulture Gardens on campus.

Members of the MSU Horticulture Garden receive early-bird admission to the Plant Sale on Friday, May 16 from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. The sale is open to the public on Saturday, May 17 from 7 a.m. – 2 p.m. The plant sale takes place in the Plant and Social Science Headhouse and Conservatory. Members receive 10 percent off all purchases during the Plant Sale. Parking is free in the Garden Visitor lot off Bogue Street.Continue Reading… Pick up a Plant or Two at the 2014 Department of Horticulture Annual Plant Sale

Job of the Week 5/8/14

This week we are highlighting an Operations Coordinator in Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (Posting #9443). This position provides organizational coordination in consultation with department director, academic specialists, and technical staff to include serving as office coordinator for daily operations and special events; provides programmatic coordination for diverse operational components of a comprehensive program of disability services to students, employees, and visitors at MSU, including maintenance of confidential records encompassing student, financial, administrative, personnel, and medical; interacts with faculty, staff, state, and federal agencies and community partners to ensure effective operation and reporting for grants and services; develops materials and initiatives that enhance volunteer and donor communications/relations; assists in maintenance of internal data and recognition efforts related to donors and funders specific to the RCPD; assists in developing and implementing policies and procedures that lead to effective management of programmatic efforts, equipment, financial resources, and personnel subsequently maintaining compliance with university, state, and federal regulations; guides staffing decisions in response to programmatic needs including supervision, training, and hiring/evaluation of student employees; will serve as resource person on departmental/university policies and procedures including representing the RCPD in planning processes and meetings; manages departmental payables and receivables; assists in routing and responding to inquiries on disability matters; assists with fulfillment of services for persons with temporary disabilities; serves as coordinator of the RCPD alternative testing services including partnership with faculty and specialists to ensure systems, assistants, and materials are in place for effective operation of this program.MSU Jobs Icon

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Thank You MSU Bikes

May is National Bike Month. Established in 1956, National Bike Month was created to promote the many benefits associated with bicycling.

MSU Bikes is your one-stop shop for everything bike-related.
MSU Bikes is your one-stop shop for everything bike-related.

Here at MSU, bicycling is a part of life. Everywhere on campus bicyclists are pedaling to work or school. With so many bicyclists around, there has to be a place that provides services to bike riders. Thankfully, MSU Bikes is available to everyone at MSU.

MSU Bikes provides bicycle sales, rentals and repairs to the MSU community. They also provide education on bicycle safety and work with campus planners to improve the bicycle infrastructure on campus.Continue Reading… Thank You MSU Bikes