Thank You MSU Dairy Store!

When it’s hot outside there’s nothing better than ice cream or another delicious treat to help you enjoy the weather. The MSU Dairy Store offers multiple choices with selections of 32 ice cream flavors and more than five different cheeses. Their ice cream flavors include: Banana Choc-Eye Chunk, Buckeye Blitz, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and many others. Some of the store’s cheeses include: Chocolate Cheese Confection, Cheddar Cheese, Caerphilly Cheese and many more.

Diary store at Michigan State University
During the week, a trip to the MSU Dairy store for some of their products is fun and affordable.

The MSU Dairy Store has two locations on MSU’s campus. The first location is at 107 MSU Union Building. The second location is at 1140 S. Anthony Hall. Check their website for their current hours.Continue Reading… Thank You MSU Dairy Store!

Job of the Week 7/26/2013

This week we are highlighting a Project/ Event Coordinator with the Human Medicine Dean’s Office (Posting #8136).  The College of Human Medicine (CHM) Office of Research supports and promotes health and biomedical research across the CHM statewide campus as well as collaborative research across disciplines, colleges, and communities. Increasingly this includes global research, for example, the College’s growing effort with Accordia Global Health Foundation, and public health issues including major new initiatives in Flint in collaboration with the Mott Foundation. The Project/Event Coordinator for the Office of Research will coordinate, support, and manage programs and activities for the Office that will fulfill our missions in research, public service and public health as described. This position will organize and coordinate meetings, conferences, workshops and other events that may span departments, colleges, community partners, national partners, and global partners and includes preparation of agendas, communication across constituencies, and coordinating global travel for MSU employees and other stakeholders that may involve passport and visa issues; will also keep accurate records of all meetings and other events in order to ensure expedient follow up as necessary, compile information, write reports, reconcile expenses against budget, and other duties in support of the Office of Research and the CHM Dean’s Office may be assigned as necessary. This position is located on the East Lansing campus but frequent travel to other CHM campuses, particularly Flint and Grand Rapids, is required.

For a complete description of this position, and to view all of our current postings, please go to and select Support Staff under the Fast Jobs Search.

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Punctuation Pointers: Comma Use

The following article is provided courtesy of HRD facilitator Jackie McCarroll of McCarroll Associates.

Punctuation provides road signs to guide readers through your content. Unfortunately, writers frequently misuse commas. By applying the Five Comma Pointers, you will improve your readers’ understanding and demonstrate professionalism.Comma

Five Comma Pointers

Insert commas to indicate a brief pause. Use them to separate:

1. Introductory Words

Example: Before they registered students, administrators tested the new processContinue Reading… Punctuation Pointers: Comma Use

How Secure is Your Smartphone?

Most of us have no idea how vulnerable we are on our smartphones. We keep our firewalls and virus protection up-to-date on our computers but many may not even think about it on a phone. Our phones are very compact computers now and require the same safeguards as a computer.Smartphone

The simplest step is to add a passcode that only you know. Most phones will allow you to set a password or ‘swipe’ pattern that you use to unlock your phone.  Make the passcode or swipe pattern hard to guess, meaning no simple shapes, birthdays, addresses or anniversaries that can be connected to you. You’ll find these options under Settings on most phones.Continue Reading… How Secure is Your Smartphone?

Job of the Week 7/19/2013

This week we are highlighting a Study Abroad Program Coordinator with the Office of Study Abroad’s Support Center (Posting #8117).  This position Provides coordination for MSU study abroad programs. Program coordination includes: management of on-site logistical arrangements; budget development; development and updating of program materials and exchange agreements; advising of students, faculty, staff and parents; working with faculty and academic units and with overseas partner institutions; facilitating course approval process; attending information sessions and recruitment; presenting at university-wide events and national conferences; responding to health and safety issues and emergencies on programs; creating and maintaining program information on the OSA database; assisting with new program development in designated region; and reviewing program proposals and making site visits abroad. Pan-office responsibilities and team membership as assigned.  For a complete description of this position, and to view all of our current postings, please go to and select Support Staff under the Fast Jobs Search.

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Thank you, MSU Food Trucks!

Spartans have been keeping their stomachs full since last fall with Eat at State’s On-The-Go food truck and have had more delicious options when Spartan Signature Catering’s Food for Thought food truck rolled onto campus in March 2013.

The food trucks have been well received even beyond MSU’s campus. Eat at State On-The-Go won the National Association of College and University Food Services’ gold award for Best Local Foods Recipe category. The On-The-Go food truck’s menu features chicken sandwiches, their award-winning burger and a special item that changes daily. The menu ingredients include MSU Student Organic Farm toppings, MSU Beef, MSU Dairy Cheese, desserts from the MSU Bakery and bread from Breadsmith Artisan Bread Bakery of Okemos, Michigan.Continue Reading… Thank you, MSU Food Trucks!

Take a Walk …. At MSU! (with a contest!)

Do you want to flex your legs, see amazing scenery and increase your energy? Then the Campus Walking Loops interactive map is just for you.

Campus Walking Loops  is an interactive map that displays walking routes across campus. The map lists the distance of each route to help you coordinate your walking schedule, along with emergency phones and campus art features. There is also a downloadable PDF version available on the website.

Women walking on campus
Walking on MSU’s campus provides an opportunity to improve your health and enjoy the scenery. Photo courtesy of Communications and Brand Strategy.

Walking is good for you. According to the MSU Health e-Guide, walking can strengthen the heart, increase blood circulation throughout the body, lower blood pressure, reduce body fat and improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels.Continue Reading… Take a Walk …. At MSU! (with a contest!)

Enjoy Music Outdoors This Summer in East Lansing

Do you love the outdoors in the summer? What about music? Then you don’t want to miss the Summer Concert Series in downtown East Lansing, happening now through August 3.

The Summer Concert Series, is seven weekends of live outdoor music starting at 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. The concerts take place at the East Plaza on the corner of Albert Ave. and Charles St.

Artists performing music
The sounds of music fill the air at the Summer Concert Series in East Lansing.

The Summer Concert Series was created 20 years ago to enhance community life for East Lansing residents and to draw visitors to the downtown area.Continue Reading… Enjoy Music Outdoors This Summer in East Lansing

Are You Washing Your Hands Properly?

We’ve all heard that washing our hands is important, and that it prevents the spread of germs and infections.  Hand washing seems like such a simple task, but a recent study by MSU researchers found that only five percent of people that use the bathroom wash their hands properly.

The study was conducted by Carl Borchgrevink, JaeMin Cha and SeungHyun Kim, faculty members in the MSU School of Hospitality Business. The researchers trained a dozen college students in data collection and had them observe 3,749 people in public restrooms. Of the 3,749 people observed: 33 percent didn’t use soap, 10 percent did not wash their hands at all, 50 percent of men used soap compared to 78 percent of women and people were less likely to wash their hands if the sink was dirty.Continue Reading… Are You Washing Your Hands Properly?

Job of the Week 7/5/13

This week we are highlighting a Administrative Assistant II/S position with MSU Geological Sciences (Posting #8035). This position reconciles accounting ledgers for multiple accounts and monitors and maintains files and records for accounts; initiates and processes paperwork related to personnel transactions; performs budget planning and monitoring for grant and department accounts; compiles and analyzes financial and personnel information; advises staff regarding University and College policies, procedures, budget and accounting information; provides assistance to staff with accounting concerns; accountable for the provision of a variety of accounting and business duties within the department; responsible for department accounts, payroll and Human Resources records; data preparation for business analyses; communicates effectively within the department and University; compiles business analyses/audits for internal and external reporting; performs administrative tasks necessary to assist with the overall administration of the department; requisitions for supplies, equipment, and services for the department.

For a complete description of this position, and to view all of our current postings, please go to and select Support Staff under the Fast Jobs Search.