Common Courtesy in the Workplace

As our jobs get more and more busy, it’s important not to take our frustration out on our co-workers. For MSU to be successful, we must get along with people from different cultures, backgrounds, etc. Mitzi Taylor, HRD facilitator and owner of Not So Basic Training, shares some tips on how to be courteous to our co-workers. Check out the video here!

Do you have tips for common courtesy in the workplace?

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How Do I Get a Temporary Employee Parking Permit?

If your vehicle registered with the Parking Office is being serviced and you need a temporary employee parking permit, you have a couple of options.

Employees with current permits may request “calendar permission” one day only out of each calendar month. This means you can park on campus with another vehicle one day per month by calling in to the Parking Office at 517-355-8440 immediately upon arriving to work. Calendar permission is issued for whichever parking privileges you have purchased (i.e., for the commuter lot if you have purchased the commuter or commuter plus pass).Continue Reading… How Do I Get a Temporary Employee Parking Permit?

FSA Open Enrollment Ends Today

Today is the last day to participate in Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Open Enrollment for the 2012 plan year. The enrollment system closes at 11:59 p.m. EST. Those who miss the enrollment deadline will have to wait until next fall to enroll in the 2013 program.

FSA Piggy Bank
Don’t Miss FSA Open Enrollment!

There are two types of FSAs available to MSU faculty and staff:Continue Reading… FSA Open Enrollment Ends Today

“Fun Friday” Contest Winners 11/11/11

The drawing’s been held for this week’s “Fun Friday” contest, and the winners are:

MSU Travel Mug
MSU Travel Mug from University Stores

Thank You to Veterans at MSU

Sparty saluting in front of a flag
Photo courtesy of University Relations at

Today is Veterans Day and we would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank the many MSU faculty, staff and retirees who have served our country and helped protect and preserve the freedoms we hold dear.

Thank you for your contributions, both at MSU and during your time of service.  We also recognize and appreciate the dedication and sacrifices of faculty, staff and retirees with family members currently away from home in service of our country. Continue Reading… Thank You to Veterans at MSU

Job Posting of the Week! 11/11/11

This week we’re highlighting an Information Technologist I  position in the department of the Registrar (Posting #5438).  Some of the job duties for this position include analyzing, designing, developing and maintaining complex web and desktop applications for the Office of the Registrar to serve University needs using tools, such as Active Server Pages, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic, Java/VB Script, HTML, CSS and the Microsoft Office Suite; creating and maintaining Microsoft SQL databases (stored procedures and views involving complex joins, sub-queries, and temp tables, etc.) in support of web and desktop applications; and developing test data and routines to detect program and system errors; prepare technical and end-user documentation.  For a complete description of this position, and to view all of our current postings, please go to and select Support Staff under the Fast Jobs Search.

Dining and Demonstration with Chef Kurt

If you already enjoy dining at Brody Square, why not learn a thing or two about cooking while you’re there?

MSU Residential and Hospitality Services and Health4U have partnered to bring the Recipe for Health Cooking Series to MSU faculty and staff. One day each month, over the lunch hour, chef Kurt Kwiatkowski will be in the Brody Square demonstration kitchen to present a cooking demonstration of that month’s featured recipe. Recipe for Health offers information and recipes to help you prepare healthy meals for you and your family.

Whether you call them muskmelons or cantaloupes, September’s featured recipe was the Fire and Ice Melon Salad. View a video of the demonstration here.

Be sure to check out the cooking demonstration of November’s featured food, turnips, at Brody Square on Wednesday November 16 at 12:10 p.m.

If you would like to receive future recipes and articles via email, please email with your name, email address and “Recipe for Health” in the subject line. Archived editions of all the recipes from the Recipe for Health series are available on the Health4U website.

Visit for more information and to register for future programs.

LET’S TALK! Are you an accomplished communicator at work?

George Bernard Shaw once said, “The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”

Water Cooler TalkIn a busy workplace, it’s easy to assume that all team members are on the same page about goals, roles, budgets, deadlines, work instructions and more. But what if that assumption is wrong? Poor internal communication can lead to low morale, lost productivity, wasted resources, damaged relationships and poor work quality.

Fostering good workplace communications requires commitment and sustained effort. No matter what role you play in your unit, there are things you can do to help! Continue Reading… LET’S TALK! Are you an accomplished communicator at work?

What are eligible DCSA expenses?

Many people understand the qualifying expenses for a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA), but they aren’t so sure about what qualifies as an eligible Dependent Care Spending Account (DCSA) expense.

First of all, DCSA expenses must be for qualifying IRS dependents, and these expenses must be work-related. Work-related expenses are those incurred because you are single and working, or if you are married, because your spouse is also working, is going to school full-time, or is mentally or physically handicapped and incurs eligible expenses.Continue Reading… What are eligible DCSA expenses?

“Fun Friday” Contest Winners 11/4/11

The drawing’s been held for this week’s “Fun Friday” contest, and the winners are: