MSU’s Jeff Brodie Talks about his Experience with the Livongo Diabetes Management Program

Jeff Brodie is a Management Analyst at MSU Human Resources who was diagnosed with diabetes in 2011. When the Livongo for Diabetes Management program first rolled out as a free benefit to MSU employees and their spouses/dependents, Jeff was one of the first to sign up.

Jeff admits his process for handling his diabetes needed to improve, “Prior to signing up for Livongo, I managed my diabetes primarily by reviewing my A1C numbers (average blood glucose) every three to six months…but unfortunately, the absence of a ‘bad’ number caused me to do very little to manage my condition.” The Livongo program aims to reduce the burden on those living with diabetes by offering technology and support to help members easily manage their health.

Members get a free Welcome Kit which contains the Livongo connected meter, a charger, unlimited free strips/lancets, a convenient carrying case, and optional coaching with a health care professional.

Livongo Diabetes Welcome Kit
The Livongo Welcome Kit

Jeff finds the Welcome Kit and support immensely helpful, “I receive FREE test strips and lancets, and weekly summaries of my results…the best thing is: it keeps a record of every test result that I can put into a spreadsheet and share with my doctor.” Jeff’s favorite part of the program is the unlimited free test strips and lancets – why pay for these supplies when they are available free?

Signing up for the program couldn’t be simpler, “I signed up by phone and it was easy…the Welcome Kit arrived in the mail, I had a phone number or email address handy for questions. And once I got started, it became part of my daily routine to test.” Creating a daily habit to test is a great first step to learn when you may need to make small changes in your diet and/or exercise to improve your overall health.

Jeff admits he could still do more to manage his diabetes, like improve his diet. However, he explains that Livongo, “reminds me that I’m a diabetic, that I should test, and that I should use my test results to make SOME changes in my diet and exercise…This has caused me to make changes in my lifestyle that I otherwise would not have made.” And while Jeff has opted to not use the optional coaching services offered by Livongo, he does occasionally reach out to the coaches via email if he has a question about his numbers, diet or the program.

Understanding how what you eat influences your diabetes is vital to improving your health. As Jeff explains, “Even when I let my food monster win for a day, I’m still aware of being diabetic and the lifestyle changes I must undergo to manage it.” Keeping track of the trends in his numbers has encouraged Jeff to adjust his diet to eat more vegetables and protein and fewer carbs, especially if his results are high.

If you’re unsure if the Livongo program is right for you, consider Jeff’s attitude: “There is nothing to lose at all, and everything to gain. Even if you sign up and do the minimal, you will be healthier than if you didn’t sign up at all.” Your level of participation in the program is entirely up to you, with the option to cancel anytime.

If you have questions or are ready to sign up, visit the Livongo website. Find more testimonials for Livongo here. Do you have your own experience with Livongo? We’d love to hear in the comments below or email us at

6 thoughts on “MSU’s Jeff Brodie Talks about his Experience with the Livongo Diabetes Management Program

  1. Keep up the good work Jeff. I was diagnose with Type II diabetes in 2002, I have always looked for better ways to manage my numbers. Livongo has been great because it offers me tips when I test, you can set reminders to test and it will keep the log for you. I like that you can also have your logs sent right to your doctor, diabetes educator, or a supportive family member. I also love that the strips are free and unlimited. I use to test minimally to make my strips last due to cost, now I don’t have to worry about it. I have not reached out to the coaches yet, but I might one day.

  2. My husband has been diabetic since a serious lung infection and 6 weeks on steroids in 2010. He’s had some trouble regulating his glucose levels and the amount of insulin, but since getting set up with Livongo, it has been so much easier. And the best part…I don’t have to play the watchdog anymore!

  3. I also took advantage of the free meter, strips etc. It’s a very nice and user friendly meter. And who doesn’t like FREE supplies!

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