We’re Thankful for Outstanding Supervisors

It’s Thankful Thursday, and . . . .

We’re thankful for OUTSTANDING Supervisors!

You know the ones we’re talking about. . . they’re all about the team and do their best toSuper Supervisors Award make work a great place to be. They make sure the job gets done well, but they also get that you have a life outside of work that sometimes requires flexibility. They get outstanding results while treating everyone with dignity, respect and integrity.

We can’t clone ‘em, but we CAN recognize them for the role they play in making MSU a great place to work. Yes, there’s an award for Spartans like that and over the last decade, the following individuals have been recognized for their outstanding efforts to be good supervisors:

2010 Recipients:  Burton Bargerstock, David Gift, Dwight Handspike Eileen Haraminac, Michael Hudson, Renee Rivard, Mary Thiel

2009 Recipients: David B. Brower, Chris Hanna, Ann Hoffman, Dr. Dennis Martell, Jane Randolph

2008 Recipients: Dan Bollman, Lynnette Forman, Marie Monroe, Jessica Moy

2007 Recipients: Chris Jenson, Geoff Humphreys, Karen Plaut, Dr. Jamie Sue Willard Smith, Philis Bukovcik, Karen Pearl

2006 Recipients: Dr. Estelle McGroarty, Sharon Anderson, Curtis Olson

2005 Recipients: Mary Elaine Webster, Patricia Lowrie, Kelley Bishop, Edmund McGarrell, Richard Sigelko

2004 Recipients: Don Donagrandi, Cheryl Sisk, Brenda Parolini, Mona Ellard, Helen Dashney, Dr. Douglas Estry

2003 Recipients: Dr. Pam Bellamy, Joan Predko, Tim Zeko, Marti Heil, Charles Webb, Jim Cotter

2002 Recipients: Ken Crowell, Karen McKnight Casey, Larry Hembroff, Maynard Hogberg

2001 Recipients: John Lewis, Larry Sierra, Linda Sigh, Mark Simmons, Cheryl Whitman, Keith Williams, Eileen Wilson

We’re thankful for the contributions that all outstanding supervisors make to the MSU community each and every day and we’re looking forward to recognizing a new group of award-winning supervisors in October 2011!

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