My smartphone can do that?

Nearly 72 percent of the cell phones currently in use are smartphones.   But do you know how smart your phone really is? Here are a few things you might find useful. Note: there are many versions of Android so these may not work on every phone.smartphones

You can take a screenshot just like on your computer. On an iPhone – press and hold the Home button along with the Sleep/Wake button, you’ll hear a shutter click and the image will appear in your Camera Roll or Photos section. For Android, pressing the Power and Home buttons at the same time will grab an image of the screen and save to your Gallery. Remember to press both buttons at the same time, and hold them until the shutter sound is heard. (You need to hold the Power button slightly before pressing the Home button, then hold them both down.)

Listen to music on your phone with a sleep timer. Many people use their phone to listen to music as they go to sleep, but you don’t want it running all night and draining your battery. On an iPhone, go to the Clock app and click on “Timer”, then “When Timer Ends”. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select “Stop Playing”. For Android, open the music player settings. Find “Music auto off” and set it to however long you want the music to play.

Block calls and texts. Have you ever had someone get your number and continually call or text even if you tell them to stop? To block calls on an iPhone with iOS 7 or later, open the Phone or FaceTime app. If the person is already a contact, tap his/her name, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap “Block This Caller”. Then tap “Block Contact”. If the person isn’t a contact, tap the “Info” button, then scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Block this Caller. Then tap Block Contact. If you want to block texts, open the Messages app and tap a message from the person you want to block. Tap “Contact” in the upper right and then tap the “Info” button. Scroll to the bottom and tap “Block this Caller”. Then tap “Block Contact”.   You can edit your blocked contacts later at these locations: Settings>>Phone>>Blocked, Settings>>Messages>>Blocked or Settings>>FaceTime>>Blocked. On Android, go to Settings>>Call settings>>Call block. Under “Incoming calls” tap “Call block list” and then tap “Create”. You can enter a number, or tap the picture icon to find the number in your Contacts list or in your call logs.

Take better pictures. You can take photos by tapping the screen but it’s hard not to shake when you tap. On an iPhone, the volume up button can be used as your shutter button. Android has Voice Control in the camera app settings letting you take pictures with commands like “smile” and “cheese”.

Thank You Wharton Center!

Wharton Center Evening
The Wharton Center lights up the night with its beautiful facade.

The Wharton Center for Performing Arts is a pivotal source of entertainment on campus. Its mission, “… to enrich the lives of Michigan residents and strengthen the value of the arts in everyday life by serving as a leading resource for renowned arts entertainment and education programs” is one that is vehemently carried out by Wharton’s high quality productions. The center hosts a wide variety of shows that are sure to be enticing to all. This holiday season, there will be a slew of wonderful acts performed at Wharton, ranging from the Nutcracker to Manheim Steamroller. To view the Wharton Center’s website and a comprehensive list of upcoming performances, visit its website:

This month, we extend our gratitude to the Wharton Center for serving as a cultural mecca to the community. Thank you Wharton Center for all that you do!

Raise Awareness for Diabetes

Ask your doctor about your risk of diabetes and if you should have a screening test done.
Ask your doctor about your risk of diabetes and if you should have a screening test done.

November is American Diabetes month. The purpose of American Diabetes month is to raise awareness. According to the American Diabetes Association:

  •  Nearly 30 million children and adults in the United States have diabetes.
  • Another 86 million Americans have prediabetes and are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
  • The American Diabetes Association estimates that the total national cost of diagnosed diabetes in the United States is $245 billion.
  • Diabetes causes more deaths a year than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

So what is diabetes? There are two variations. As explained by MSU’s Health eGuide, Type I Diabetes occurs when the pancreas ceases to make insulin, a hormone that helps the body use sugar for energy. Lack of insulin causes a high blood sugar level which can be harmful to many parts of the body and can increase risk of other health complications. Type II Diabetes differs in that the body is still able to make insulin, however, it is unable to use it in the right way. While Type I Diabetes is not yet preventable, Type II can be avoided by living a healthy lifestyle.

This month and into the holidays, do your best to engage in a healthy and active lifestyle! You also can donate to help find a cure for diabetes here.

elevateU Contest Winners

If you attended this year’s HR benefits Fair, you may have noticed that Professional Development Services ran a contest. Everyone who completed a class between October 14 and October 31 in elevateU was entered into a drawing to win one of two prizes. The winners are:

Contest Winner Jamie Lake
elevateU Contest Winner Jamie Lake poses with her State Room gift card and elevateU headphones.

Dennis Bond, Manager of Web Services, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, who won a basket full of MSU items, including a beautiful stadium blanket.

Jamie Lake, Payroll, Residential and Housing Services, who won a $50 gift certificate to the State Room.

Dennis has been making the most out of his elevateU access. “I’ve really enjoyed using elevateU. It’s quick and easy to jump into a course, and it’s also easy to return if you have to put it down. I’d definitely recommend trying it and have already started assigning courses to my own team.”

Many others have found elevateU helpful as well, both in building skills for their current job, as well as positions they may aspire to. Here are the top 10 classes that MSU employees have taken so far:Continue Reading… elevateU Contest Winners

Job of the Week 11/14/2014

This week we are highlighting an Information Technologist II (Posting #0457) in Information Technology Services. The successful candidate will independently perform a full range of university-wide responsibilities (on- and off-campus) using equipment and diagnostic/management software to test, monitor, troubleshoot, deploy, and maintain the MSUnet Wireless service. Manages the technical implementation of large scale wireless projects and coordination with outside vendors; provides technical expertise to the team, department, and MSU community; resolves wireless problems reported through the MSUnet trouble report line, problem database and network monitoring systems- problems may be hardware or software related. Provides expert technical assistance, troubleshooting, and advice to campus wireless network users and customers; maintains and increases technical knowledge through coursework, workshops, independent study, and seminars; performs other duties as assigned.

For a complete description of this position, and to view all of our current postings, please go to and select Support Staff under the Fast Jobs Search.MSU Jobs Icon

2014 Outstanding Supervisor Awards

The Outstanding Supervisor Award was established by the Family Resource Center in the spring of 2001 to draw attention to MSU supervisors who are highly regarded by their employees for their consistent support of the work/life (professional/personal) needs of their employees. Various academic and support staff units submitted excellent nominations this year. The nominees and nominators represent a wide variety of departments and position levels.The recipient selections were based on the testimonies such as those quoted below from their employees’ nomination letters. This year’s five winners include:

Mike Gardner- Rivertrail Dining Manager gardner

  • “Mike has an uncanny ability of making every person that he comes in contact with feel like they are his close and personal friend.”
  • “He supports each and every member of our team by creating and fostering a supportive environment and encouraging a happy and healthy work/life balance.”
  • “He always cared about me as a person, not just an employee.”

Shawn Kelly- Supervisor-Project Services –Infrastructure Planning and Facilitieskelly

  • “Shawn is a family man and very sensitive to one’s family needs and is very understanding when one has to leave work due to a family emergency, illness.etc…”
  • “I commute from Grand Rapids on a daily basis and Shawn has allowed me to adjust my work schedule so that I could join a vanpool to help with my work/life balance, save on the cost of commuting and remove some of the wear and tear of driving daily.”
  • “Shawn’s management style is one of empowerment and personalized support.”

Judy McMillan- HRPP Manager-Human Research Liaison Programmcmillan

  • “Judy routinely encourages our team to work flexible hours if needed so that we are able to not only excel at our jobs, but also allowing for us to have a life outside of work with our families.”
  • “I have always felt that Judy respects me as a person first!”
  • “Judy holds us accountable for our scheduled work hours but also knows that they may be atypical for a given work day to allow for family commitments and what I like to term “hiccups”.”

 Gary Roloff- Associate Professor-Fisheries and Wildliferoloff

  • “Gary is much more than the person who oversees my work; you could say he is the reason I work.”
  • “Gary ensures that the work we are doing for him aligns with our greater goals for the future.”
  • “Anyone who has ever worked with Gary would agree that this award was created to recognize people like Gary.”

Holly Rosen- Director -MSU Safe Placerosen

  • “By employing a philosophy of teamwork Holly works to teach and empower our staff, helping everyone to be invested in the process.”
  • “She was flexible with prenatal appointments, provided advice and guidance and encouraged me to take time off from work after the birth of both of our children.”
  • Holly sets the tone for a respectful, inclusive, and client centered work environment.”

All the nominators claim to have the “Best Boss” on campus!Continue Reading… 2014 Outstanding Supervisor Awards

America Recycles Day

Sparty will be recycling for America Recycles Day- will you?
Sparty will be recycling for America Recycles Day- will you?

This year, America Recycles Day will take place on Saturday, November 15. This nationally-recognized event works not only to promote recycling in the United States but to celebrate the act itself. Recycling is no new concept yet many, due in part to limited time and living in a “disposable” society, do not always recycle as often as possible. America Recycles Day hopes to raise awareness and to illustrate that, although recycling may take a few extra minutes and is not always the easiest option, it more than pays off in the long run.

So what can you do? First, take the American Recycles Day pledge.  The three-part pledge emphasizes the importance of learning, acting and sharing in order to expand recycling. Second, recycle!  Michigan State is a highly sustainable university and has recycling bins located throughout campus. Bins accept a wide range of materials including white paper, mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard, boxboard, household metal and plastics #1 through #7. Familiarize yourself with what exactly is encompassed by these materials- odds are, you can recycle more than you think!

You can also take recycling a step further by visiting MSU’s very own Public Drop-Off Center. The Public Drop-Off Center is entirely free, open 24/7, LEED-certified and conveniently located at the south end of campus on the corner of Farm Lane and Green Way. The center accepts most materials. For a comprehensive list, please visit MSU Recycling’s Recycle Guide. Also, to learn more about recycling operations at MSU, visit the Sustainability Guidebook. Take advantage of these incredible resources so that you can be not only green, but Spartan green!

Veterans Day- Thanks for Your Service!

file000547064047Today, MSU Human Resources would like to recognize all veterans and thank them for their exemplary service, honor and bravery. It is because of our veterans that we are able to enjoy many of the freedoms that we do today. We send a resounding thanks to our veterans for their commendable patriotism and service. We salute you!

While Lansing’s Veterans Day ceremony took place this past Saturday, the community will celebrate our veterans in a variety of ways today in order to pay tribute. The Spartan Battalion Army ROTC cadets will visit area retirement homes to honor local veterans. There will also be a ceremony held at the Alumni Chapel at 3 p.m. In addition, as a special thanks, veterans will receive a 10% discount at the MSU Surplus Store.

Transfer Historical ANGEL Content to the University Archives

Did your unit conduct university business using ANGEL Groups? Have you used ANGEL to store meeting minutes, policy documentation, or other business records? Do you have course syllabi or other content on ANGEL that’s not being migrated to Desire2Learn?

If you conducted university business using ANGEL Groups, your ANGEL content may be of historical value and eligible for transfer to the University Archives. The University Archives has a mission and mandate to collect, preserve, and provide access to the university’s institutional historical and scholarly records, including digital material.

With the permanent decommissioning of ANGEL set for May 15, 2015, it’s important to ensure that your business and curricular records of historical value are transferred to the Archives, particularly for content that will not be migrated to Desire2Learn.

Records of historical value potentially stored in ANGEL include:

  • Meeting agendas and minutes
  • Policy documents
  • Course syllabi
  • Curriculum documentation
  • Instruction notes
  • Research Data

If you think your ANGEL Group includes historical business records or curricular content, please contact Lisa Schmidt or Ed Busch at the University Archives, or 517-355-2330, with any questions and for assistance in identifying and transferring these records.

New Services at Olin!

Does a massage on your lunch break sound too good to be true? Turn your dreams into reality- make an appointment at Olin today!
Does a massage on your lunch break sound too good to be true? Turn your dreams into reality- make an appointment at Olin today!

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s natural to feel stress and anxiety. Luckily, Olin Health Center is offering three new services that are sure to help! You can now receive reflexology, reiki, and massage therapy services through Olin Health Center.

  • Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to certain parts of the body and can reduce stress, causing a positive physiological change.
  • Reiki involves gentle hand placement on the body’s “energy centers” in order to release tension and ease stress.
  • Massage therapy entails manipulating the body’s soft tissues by hand in order to reduce pain and induce relaxation.

To schedule an appointment, call 517-353-4660. Sessions are 45 minutes long and cost $50. There are currently evolving plans to make half hour appointments available so that patrons can take advantage of these new services during their lunch hour. Shorter appointment times are expected to be available in Spring of 2015.

To learn more, read the entire PDF here.