Job of the Week: Skilled Trades Supervisors

This week’s featured job from MSU Human Resources is a Skilled Trades Supervisor (posting 774284) in the department of Power and Water through Infrastructure Planning and Facilities. 

The Skilled Trades Supervisor will be responsible for overseeing the install, repair and maintenance of power and water controls. In addition, all Power and Water hiring, recruiting and training are assigned to this role. The supervisor will work with union representatives, manage the department budget and develop and coordinate power outage plans. This professional must also uphold IPF’s commitment to fostering an equitable, inclusive culture. For a full list of responsibilities, click here.

Applicants interested in this position should have knowledge normally acquired from at least one year of higher education and five to eight years work experience in maintenance of electrical equipment. The applicant must also possess a valid drivers license and meet MSU safe driving standards. The desired qualifications include, but are not limited to a degree in electrical, chemical or mechanical engineering, knowledge of power plant operations and experience with labor relations. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Products and Continuous or Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS, PEMS) is also desired. IPF is looking for a staff member who understands different perspectives while utilizing expert knowledge on the technical operations of the position. 

Learn more about MSU IPF at Find more information and apply with a cover letter and resume by May 3 here. All the latest job postings can be found at

Spring Event Roundup

There isn’t a better time than Spring to explore, improve, and enjoy everything MSU has to offer as the weather warms up and the sun peeks through the clouds.

Looking for a reason to get outside? MSU Horticulture and Gardens is taking advantage of the April showers and May flowers. You should too!

  • Check out the 2022 garden displays in the Beal Gardens on the East Lansing campus, and learn from MSU Horticulture expert and garden manager Daedre McGrath about what was planted and why by reading this article.
  • Dive into even more about the flora in the Beal Gardens with an MSU Libraries event in May called Wild Foods and the Salad Bar of Spring. Bring your family and friends to a stroll through the dos and don’ts of growing your own vegetables.
  • If you love what you saw in the gardens, mark your calendar for the annual Horticulture Gardens Plant Sale on May 14 at the Plant and Soil Sciences Building. You can even become a Garden Member to shop the sale early and receive 10% off. 

After a day of Spring cleaning, grab a well deserved break at one of the many offerings this season at Wharton Center:

  • MSU’s Music Department is celebrating 150 years of bands with a grand performance on April 30. Purchase tickets and view the seating map here.
  • The Wharton is hosting two Broadway caliber touring shows in the next few months so make sure to pick up your tickets for Dear Evan Hanson and Ain’t Too Proud before they sell out.

No matter the season, prioritizing your health and wellness is always important, and MSU has the tools to help faculty and staff year round:

  • For the first time in two years, Rest with Music at the Abrams Planetarium is back. Discover the healing properties of music once a month in person or on Health4U’s Facebook Live. 
  • MSU’s IM facilities are great places to start preparing for a summer hike, swim or bike ride and offer discounted rates for staff. Visit their website for rates, capacity trackers, and up to date hours, which change after the conclusion of the Spring Semester. 

As always, if you are looking to improve some of your soft work skills or discover a new passion for work, professional development is for you.

Go out and explore this spring, but don’t forget your allergy pills!

Go Green this Earth Day!

Earth Day is April 22, so let’s celebrate because helping the planet is not only recycling but so much more! Here are some ways you can help our Spartan community go green! Whether you are working from home, heading into the office or any combination, use these great tips and resources to make your lifestyle more sustainable.

MSU Recycling Center always leads the charge for reusable materials at MSU. The center is open seven days a week for dropping off materials. These materials can be anything and everything from books, cardboard, glass, plastics and more! Find their hours along with what and how to drop things off at the MSU Recycling Center website

If you do spend some or all of your workday away from home, consider looking into clean commuting options. You can try biking, CATA or even Spin Scooters. MSU Bikes can give 1-on-1 bike commuter assistance, helping you find the safest, lowest-stress route from your home to campus. MSU also offers secure covered bike parking and repair and air stations for your convenience. Information can be found on their website

Capital Area Transportation Authority offers multiple clean commute options with travel modes that fit your work hours and location. CATA also offers a commute cost calculator by examining how much money you spend driving and how much you can save by using the bus and other CATA services. Visit the CATA website to learn how to add CATA to your sustainable daily routine. 

Spin electric scooters are the newest addition to clean, affordable, convenient and fun ways to get around campus. These scooters are dockless, so no need to find a charger to pick them up or drop them off. They operate seven days a week during all daylight hours. To ride these electric scooters that travel up to 14 miles per hour, just download the Spin App and scan the unique QR code on the scooter you want to ride. Get ready to ride on and around campus by going to MSU’s Spin Scooter landing page

Are you looking for some new accessories to improve your work from home space? Do you need something different as you transition back to the office? The MSU Surplus Store is worth checking out! Finding items second hand is a great way to make a pledge to go green, especially when everything is at such great prices. Read MSU HR’s feature on the Surplus Store to learn more about the great services and items they offer!

This Earth Day, it has never been easier to make a pledge and go green! Reduce your carbon footprint with a clean commute, reuse and shop second hand at the MSU Surplus Store, and of course, recycle at the MSU Recycling Center. Putting in the effort this Earth Day and every day after that will make a difference for our planet!

Celebrate 10 Years at the Broad Art Museum

2022 marks the Broad Art Museum’s 10th anniversary! To celebrate, we sat down with lead museum curator Steven Bridges to discuss what he does for work and what to check out during the festivities!

Question: What does a day in your job look like?

Answer: It can change very drastically day to day. Typically, a day involves quite a lot of meetings, emailing, and a lot of administrative work. My position is to lead the curatorial team in developing, conceptualizing and implementing the exhibition program at the museum. That involves all different kinds of exhibitions from solo exhibitions of individual artists to working with a collection to developing group shows, all different kinds of projects.

Question: What are the current exhibits on display for the anniversary? 


History Told Slant:

We are leading this 2022 anniversary year with a focus on our collection. The collection has been around much longer than the museum itself. Formerly it was a part of the Kresge Art Museum and the collection started even before then. The approach within the exhibition is to confront and address that collections of art along with many other institutions were founded and built in such a way that have privileged white male artists and those perspectives and voices. A lot of the work that we are doing in the museum presently is confronting and trying to change those narratives. 


We have a large commission from the artist Beverly Fishman who is a Michigan native and formerly showed with the museum in 2013. She has two works in the museum collection and we have commissioned two new works that are on view. We are really celebrating her and her work. 

Art Along the River, Grand:

We also have an exhibition that addresses public art both here at the university and also pointing to all the great things that exist within our communities in the Greater Lansing Region. 

Kahlo without Borders:

Finally, we also have an exhibition that looks at Frida Khalo and her relationship with her doctors. It is a very intimate portrait of the artist that offers a lot of new perspective of who she was and her interpersonal relationships and how that influenced her and her work. 

Question: What is the legacy of the Broad that you and your team are highlighting during this celebration?

Answer: These anniversaries are a great time to reflect on the past ten years. There have been many successes and also many challenges. These moments offer the opportunity to look back, to learn, to celebrate the successes, but also think about, what do the next ten years look like? Where do we go from this moment? What are we excited to build on? In terms of the life of museums, ten years is actually pretty young. The legacy has a lot to do with celebrating the history of art and you see that in these collections. 

Question: What do you say to members of the MSU community who have not visited the museum or believe they won’t enjoy it?

Answer: I fully recognize that not everything is for everyone and that is why, with the range of exhibitions we have on view currently, if you don’t like one thing, hopefully there is something else for you to see. There’s options there. At any given time in the museum, there are so many things to take in, to explore, and to push yourself a little bit. If you are unsure, but you are curious about the museum, come inside and explore it for yourself! You might be surprised by what is inside.

Question: Who is the audience for the Broad Art Museum and the 10th anniversary celebration?

Answer: It is very important to me that faculty, researchers, staff and students of the university really know that we are here for them. We are always free and open to the public and whether you come to see the exhibitions or to visit the café and work in the beautiful environment and architecture, we love to have you here. 

The Broad Art Museum turns 10 years old in November, so the exhibitions and celebrations to commemorate the birthday are changing and expanding all year long! Starting in September, the museum will add a new exhibition created to feature the architect of the unique building that catches the attention of so many on campus, designed by Zaha Hadid. Visit the Broad Art Museum’s website for more information on events and exhibitions all through 2022!

Job of the Week: Service Manager III

This week’s featured job from MSU Human Resources is a Service Manager (posting 767419) in the department of Custodial Services through Infrastructure Planning and Facilities. 

This staff member will be responsible for the management of activities of second and third shift custodial operations at MSU. Through this, the chosen candidate will create a culture that values and recognizes initiative and supports diversity and the inclusion of varying beliefs. Other responsibilities include communication with union representatives, oversight of budgeting multiple departmental accounts and delivery of training objectives for all new hires. IPF requests all applicants value people, partners and stewardship and be committed to engaging in high performing, leading edge practices. For a full list of responsibilities, click here

The required qualifications for this position are knowledge normally acquired in the first two or three years in college, technical or vocational school and five to eight years of related experience supervising operational activities. An equivalent combination of education and experience, such as a four year college degree and three to five years of related experience, will also be considered. The desired qualifications include expertise in Microsoft Office 365, knowledge of labor relations best practices, proven customer service skills and experience with workplace management systems such as EBS and FAMIS. The ability to work both independently and in a team and proven communication skills among a diverse population will also be taken into account for hiring. 

Learn more about MSU IPF at Find more information and apply with a resume by April 5 here. All the latest job postings can be found at

Job of the Week: Assistant Director of Corporate Support

This week’s featured job from MSU Human Resources is an Assistant Director of Corporate Support (posting 766902) through University Advancement.

The main role of the assistant director will be to participate as a collaborative member of WKAR radio’s development team. This includes responsibilities such as developing and maintaining relationships with advertising agencies, preparing radio, TV and digital platform content proposals and record keeping. This position also requires frequent underwriting messages and the utilization of industry software for accurate contract entry. For a full list of responsibilities, click here.

The required qualifications for this position include a four-year college degree in communications, marketing, broadcast journalism or a related field and one to three years work experience in fundraising, PR or marketing. An equivalent combination of education and experience will also be considered. Ideally, the chosen candidate will be self-motivated, dynamic, and a strategic thinker with excellent written and verbal communication skills. They would also be experienced in successfully recruiting donors and members, broadcast radio and project management. 

Learn more about MSU University Advancement at Find more information and apply with a resume, cover letter, writing sample and the contact information for three professional references here. All the latest job postings can be found at

Put Mental Health First on Employee Appreciation Day and Beyond

Employee Appreciation Day (Friday, March 4, 2022) is an opportunity for MSU employees to reflect on how you prioritize your mental health, how you talk about it with your supervisors, and how supervisors can show appreciation by supporting the mental health of their employees. Emphasize rest and recognition, learn about your self-care preferences and learn how to utilize the resources available to you!

Why we prioritize

Mental health should be treated like physical health. It should be discussed as normally as physical illnesses especially because physical and mental health can be connected. We should prioritize mental health because it has spent so long in the background. To break that cycle, put your mental health first and make it part of your everyday conversations.

Other reasons to prioritize mental health include:

  • Having high job demands makes it easy to put work over mental health, but it is not worth it in the long run
  • In a time of mostly online interactions, some of the natural in-person social interactions that are missing can inadvertently lower well-being
  • Therapy is still stigmatized, and prioritizing mental health helps release that

Self-care ideas

Becoming burnt out at work is easier than you might think, and the best way to tackle or prevent burnout is self-care. Engaging in self-care in the simplest terms is making sure that as you prioritize work, you also prioritize sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Other suggestions for self-care include:

  • Unplugging when social media and news get overwhelming
  • Treat yourself with compassion no matter how you respond to burnout
  • Enjoy the little things like an ice cream cone or some alone time with your pet
  • Close your laptop at the end of the workday and do your best not to open it again until the morning
  • Seek out help from an expert rather than relying on yourself or your team for mental health related answers

Start the conversation with your team

You don’t have to be the supervisor on your team to start a discussion around mental health. Use empathy to address situations regarding mental health and give space your coworkers space to speak openly about their experience. If you aren’t sure how to start the conversation, use the MSU resources linked below and ease into it.

If you are a supervisor, here are four ways you can show appreciation for your team in support of their mental wellbeing:

  1. Show sincere interest in the needs, hopes and dreams of other people
  2. Watch for signs of burnout in yourself and others
  3. Demonstrate a willingness to help others and refer to appropriate resources
  4. Lead with compassion to contribute to a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture

Michigan State University recognizes the value of its employees and to show appreciation for the important work we all do, the university’s Worklife Office provides a variety of resources to support our wellbeing: 

Take a moment this Employee Appreciation Day to not only be thanked by those around you but also by your body as you begin to prioritize and destigmatize your own mental health.

Job of the Week: Systems Analyst I

This week’s featured job from MSU Human Resources is an internal support staff posting  for a Systems Analyst (posting 763296) through the Department of Financial Planning and Budget. This posting is available to current employees only.

The Systems Analyst will analyze, design, modify and implement upgrades and modules of the Cognos (IBM) Planning Analytics system. Job responsibilities include but are not limited to training and consulting with system users, leading user groups and teams to improve training materials, and creating system dashboards for analysis. The selected candidate will also participate in special projects to assist University leadership with ongoing planning and analysis. 

The required qualifications for this position include a four year college degree in Computer Science, Programming or Information Systems and one to three years of experience in analysis and design. An equivalent combination of education and experience will also be considered. Preferred skills include fluency with SQL using Oracle or MS-SQL server, knowledge of Cognos and the ability to build financial and cost analysis models. Candidates are also asked to be able to work well in a team environment. 

Learn more about the Department of Financial Planning and Budget at More information about the position and how to apply is available within the EBS portal by selecting the “My Careers and Training” menu at the top and clicking the “Careers @ MSU” tile. All the latest job postings can be found at

Deals and Discounts for Spring Break 2022

Contrary to the weather in Michigan, Spring Break 2022 is quickly approaching! Prepare for a relaxing beachside week, a week of theme parks or a week at home with family using these exclusive employee discounts from MSU Benefits Plus.

To access all the discounts, visit MSU Benefits Plus and sign up for a free account using your ZPID number (located on your Spartan Card ID badge or on EBS).

Still looking for that perfect rental car or hotel for your trip? Are you headed to Disney World and need a discount on tickets? These are the perfect travel discounts for you:

  • National Car Rental: Use the code XZ20LK4 when booking your car rental for their exclusive Big Ten employee discount.
  • Wyndham Hotel Group: At participating Wyndham locations, book over the phone or online for up to 20% off the “Best Available Rate” with ID number 1000009114.
  • Discounted Walt Disney World vacations for MSU staff, faculty, students and family members are available online with the code msusaves.

Staying at home during break has never sounded so enticing! See a new movie for less or bring your family to their first basketball game with these entertainment discounts:

  • Premium Seats USA: It is the height of the NBA season and there is no better time to check out a game with a 10% discount on tickets! Use the code CORESTREAM on the Premium Seats USA website.
  • AMC Theaters: Book movie tickets online for over 40% off at AMC, AMC Loews, AMC Showplace, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson and Star Theaters.

Whether you are leaving town or staying in, you can try a new restaurant, see a show and more with these bonus flexible discounts:

  • Tickets at Work: Before you travel, book tickets for a show, visit an event and more, check your MSU discounts through Tickets at Work. The site is always being updated with new discounts and exclusives for employees.
  • As a special exclusive deal for MSU employees, pay $6 for $25 in restaurant certificates online using the code CORE.

Find these savings as well as many other benefits by visiting the MSU Benefits Plus portal. Sign up or log in today and have a great Spring Break!

Job of the Week: Clerical Aide

This week’s featured job posting from MSU Human Resources is for a Clerical Aide (posting 764486) through Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Power and Water.

This temporary or on-call position provides clerical support for secretarial, receptionist, bookkeeping and information processing tasks. Current departments seeking temporary assistance include the East Lansing, Detroit and Macomb College of Medicine campuses. Job responsibilities include providing clerical support to the Power and Water Department, customer service, and safety briefings for contractors and guests. The support staff person will also prepare reports, schedule meetings, sort and distribute mail, order supplies, run errands and perform other duties as assigned. For a full list of responsibilities, click here

The desired qualifications for this position are a minimum two years of in-person customer service and basic computer skills. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment. Temporary employees can work for six months then terminate for three months or switch to an on-call role. 

Learn more about MSU IPF at Read more about this position and apply here by March 6 with a resume, cover letter and reason for interest in working at MSU. All the latest job postings can be found at